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Most states make it a crime to
purchase alcohol for a minor, sometimes called the shoulder tap crime, based on
the typical manner a request by a minor for an adult to buy alcohol occurs.
These crimes generally do not require proof that the defendant knew the person
was underage.
Should the same strict liability apply to a host of a
party that is attended by both adults and minors, where alcohol at the
private party is furnished to both?Should a host be able to offer evidence that he
reasonably believed the minor was old enough to drink?Would it help your case if the jurisdiction made such a
defense available to bars and liquor stores that required buyers to
provide proof of age?Use the following case to help guide
your analysis:,
note the case In re Jennings, 95 P.3d 906 (Cal. 2004).
When completing the assignment, all spelling, punctuation, grammar,
formatting, and citations should be written in APA style with at least
three cited references.  Minimum of two pages.

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