4 page Reflection Paper:
Choose a topic mentioned in any of the books and provide an analysis on it. You have free reign on this topic. An analysis’s primary concern is to explain something in greater or newer detail using a unique point of view. Avoid making this a boring paper by incorporating some of your own opinion and ideas!
• Use examples, research, resources, data, etc. to support your reflections. Use at least 3 sources besides the books (citing in APA format both in your paper then again on the reference page).
• The paper will be written using the APA writing style format. “Wikipedia” and “YouTube” are not acceptable sources. The Internet may be used to access information from scholarly journals, libraries, etc.
• Students must cite the source of their information if they quote directly, paraphrase, or use in any way someone else’s ideas. If students do not cite their sources, it is considered plagiarism.
• Paper must be written 12pt., Times New Roman, double spaced and a minimum of 4 pages, not including the reference page.

The books you can use are: “The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison” or “The Administration of Justice”


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