Relational Database Management Systems Project week 1
Assignment Details Week 1

You have been asked to develop a database system plan for a local company (or a company of your choosing) that wants to track its customers/clients, appointments, billing, and employees. The company requires that you complete the following:
1. Justify the need for the proposed system.
2. Produce a formalized database design plan.
3. Switch over to the new database system within 6 months.
4. Produce a plan for administering and maintaining the database system.
Each week, you will add a section to this database system plan and submit it for grading. Each section will contain the following:
• Tasks (objectives from Weeks 1)
o System Requirements Specification (New Content for Week 1): Include a feasibility analysis that details what specific steps need to be performed at this phase of the project, clarifies the scope of the project, provides an estimate for cost and time to develop the database, and justifies the need for the proposed database.
All sources should be cited both in-text and in the References section by using APA format. Name the document yourname_IT610_IP1.doc. Submit the document for grading.

I will provide a word document template please use week 1 format. I will also provide some helpful links.

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