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Learning Objectives and OutcomesYou will learn how setting up a defense-in-depth plan can be complicated and involve several technologies and layers.You will learn about potential conflicts in real-world requirements.Assignment RequirementsYou have been working as a technology associate in the information systems department at Corporation Techs for more than two months now. Corporation Techs’ information technology (IT) department is setting up a new network in a remote office for an engineering firm. The network requires several groups: PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Engineering, Drafting, and Architecture. The office is being set up near the project site and therefore, is separate from the main office. Further, several key employees will need access to the main office and remote office computer services. A network security and Virtual Private Network (VPN) plan is needed to connect it all together.The network should segment for the four major groups with VPN ACCESS allowed by specific remote workers into each group.TasksDevelop a network security plan, basic topology, and VPN plan for this remote office. The security plan should keep the main office and its digital assets safe in case of a failure at the remote office.Submission RequirementsFormat: MICROSOFT WORDFont: Arial, Size 12, Double-SpaceCitation Style: Chicago Manual of StyleLength: 3 or more pagesSelf-Assessment ChecklistI identified at least four different ways to protect digital assets with a defense-in-depth approach.I explained at least three methods to protect corporate digital assets from the potential threats the host-to-gateway VPN would introduce.I explained the overall network topology.Remote Office Security Plan.docx

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