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Research proposal
Reparations for African Americans
4 pages / 1100 words
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Writing from scratch
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Ok I don’t mean to be a sap or anything but please help… I’ve been hospitalized for two weeks and I’ve been really stressed in school trying to pick back up on everything. I’ve tried asking for a longer extension, but Professors aren’t really that nice all the time. Also, I really don’t wanna let anyone down. Basically, the assignment is a four page essay on why I think AFRICAN AMERICANS should receive reparations. We were told to choose a disparity… the disparity I chose is related to economic inequality — Segragation! Just start with talking about the History of segregation/redlining/how “ghettos” were established and use the claims to argue FOR reparations. It should include a thesis, conclusion. You don’t need to talk about what form of reparations(money, housing etc)… just argue FOR it. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO AHOEVER GETS THIS!

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