This exercise has two parts.

Use Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model on the selected case study company. Have a heading for each of the five forces along with a discussion of how it specifically relates to the company under review. Be sure to keep the discussion very focused to that force.

The forces are discussed in the text in Chapter 3. You might want to include a 5-forces summary diagram also.

Once you complete the 5 forces segment, you are now ready to apply Porter’s generic strategy part. The generic forces are discussed in Chapter 5. Draw the two dimensional matrix with one axis for FOCUS (Broad or Narrow) and the other Axis for( Cost Minimization or Product Differentiation). Place an “X” in the box that reflects which of the four combinations you think the company should follow.


Prepare Porter Analysis of Best Buy (Case # 5).
from this book
Fred R. David. Strategic Management:Concepts and Cases.15h. Ed.,Prentice-Hall. 2015

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