I believe that some personal use of a companys network and telecommunications system should be allowed. In todays society, things move fast and our careers are much more demanding than they were back then. What i am saying is that on average we spend most of our day on the clock doing our job. But with that being said do we really have time to do things such as pay bills or take care of important personal business? I feel that every company should make allowances for that. There are single parents out there that understands the point that i am making. We all want to do well on our jobs but sometimes there is not enough time in the day to do everything that you need to do. Right now i am at my job ( I am a manager) using the company’s computer to complete my discussion board. Now, on the other hand i feel that things should be monitored. I allow my associated to use of the computers while on the clock. If there is downtime besides a fifteen minute break or a lunch break and you are caught up on your work then feel free to use the network. But certain sites that are offensive or vulgar in nature are not allowed

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