In closing, you are to write your own eulogy. Google up the meaning of Eulogy. Then type your own. Include a picture(s) or representation(s) of yourself with your name and dates of birth and death. You may choose the age at which you ideally die as well as cause(s). Or you may keep the current date as your date of death. It’s your choice. You may also indicate at the beginning of your 1-page essay whom you have chosen to read your eulogy. But before you do anything, make sure you know what a eulogy is. So, let’s see how you would like to be remembered. Send it as an attachment: Page 1 is your pic(s), name and dates. Page 2 is your eulogy. Send as Word or RTF doc via assignment tool. Attachment must be typed font 12 Times New Roman double spaced standard margins and two pages long.

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