company: In&out
1.Current Market Selection
a. Our company, include a brief history
b. The product, its market performance
c. Current marketing program
d. Competition
e. Pressing issues or concerns

2. SWOT Analysis
a. Strengths, in comparison to major competitors
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities, based on customers needs/wants/demand, influenced by macro/micro environment
d. Threats+Competition

3. Market Objectives and Strategies
a. Realistic objectives for short/medium/long planning horizons

Franchising system, expand the market base, reaching new immigrants in CA

b. Marketing strategies-positioning/value proposition
Place: CA
Customer Service

4. Action Programs
a. Breakdown of tasks specified in strategies
b. Time table of these action items
c. Human resources needs and allocation
d. Financial resources need and allocation

5. Performance measures on contingency plan
a. Performance targets
b. Measurement tools and schedules
c. What to do if under/over performing

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