representation of violence


representation of violence

Topic: Select an example/s of a representation of violence from the news media, television, a documentary, law reports, advocacy and/or support services’ website

Subject: Case Study
the problem of this paper : this paper is just a description of a film without any critical discussion of the core concepts from the unit

the new insituation: concepts are critically applied to the example. chosen concepts are discussed critcally in relation to the selected representation of violence. not just only paraphaing or quote the words from the text book. it need to be anaysis and need to demonstates a deep engagement with the unit material. (which is some of the textbook that i have already uploaded.)

and also i get the comment for this writting is: this is a description of the firm with no indication that you have understood the central concepts on the unit. this is no critical analysis of your represntation of violence- just description.

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