Debating a Topic in Mental Health – Does the ability to repress traumatic memories actually exist?

IMPORTANT 4 full pages for the paper
2 pages outline
1 page references
The idea of this paper is that traumatic events can be so overwhelming that people repress these memories to protect themselves. Triggers such as a scents can bring forth repressed memories. Please read about the topic prior to starting the paper. The prior author rewrote wikipedia the lack of understanding was apparent in the paper. I want to avoid this mistake again.

I have attached a rough outline. IT MUST BE FINISHED using COMPLETE SENTENCES and cited. Then follow it. There are a few very good sources at the bottom of my rough outline. You can find other sources on citation machine, however it’s apparent in your work you don’t need my guidance.

ALSO ***The conclusion paragraph- I AGREE WITH MEMORY REPRESSION. You can mention or not – a scent triggered a repressed memory from my childhood. The repressed memory was confirmed by family member who were present.

Part of the development of a knowledge base on a topic is the formations of opinions related to that topic. You will have the opportunity to form such an opinion in this class by taking a stance on a controversial point within the field of mental illness. For this assignment, you will write a 4-5 page paper reviewing research relevant to both sides of the issue. It will include a conclusion paragraph in which you are to state which side of the issue you believe has the most evidence supporting it.

Please keep your opinions out of the paper until the final paragraph or two. Paper must be written in third person. Also, please follow APA format. I have links for APA style – they can be found within the course.

You will need to include at least six scholarly sources. Your scholarly sources must include peer reviewed journal articles from the year 2008 and later (2008-2017 and beyond). Such articles can be found in many locations:


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