250 Plus words min
Research an autoimmune disease of your choice. Discuss the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the
autoimmune disease that you have chosen. Make sure to include:

Any side effects of current treatment options,
Include any new treatments that may be available.
Why is it difficult to diagnose an autoimmune disease?

Case Study: A 45-year-old woman, otherwise healthy, presents with the following symptoms:

Itchy eyes
Difficulty swallowing
Problems eating
Mouth sores
Mouth pain
Swollen glands

Research these symptoms to find out what this patient is suffering from. Once you know the specific
autoimmune disease that she is suffering from:

Recommend some possible treatments to ease her symptoms.
Let her know if her disease is life-threatening.
Is there a higher risk of lymphoma if you have this specific disease? Why or why not?
Discuss any possible complications from having this disorder.
What is her overall prognosis for living with this disease?

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