Research Article about success using styles of leadership.
Main focus on styles of leadership. Find a good research article about Styles of leadership and it should be no less than 5 years old and must be local in the united states. the presentation should discuss: 1) a thorough introduction about the article that can cover the main idea of the research article to the audience. 2) Research methods (means what the research article method was? was there questionnaires were given to participants or was there a meeting with each participants to get the research method?) 3) Management Applications and opinions ( whats my opinion towards the research article? is it really effective to use the leadership styles in work place as mentioned in the article?) 4) Results (conclusion about the research article/ whats the result of the research article) 5) Article sources (please know that the article sources should be no less than 5 years old and local) Also, be advise that my time for the speech is 3 to 4 mins so please give me a brief and well explained info about the research article as mentioned above by 5 things need to talk about.

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