Each research paper must be 1,500 words, 1.15-line space – exclude the appendix and resource list from the word count. Remember, approximately 500 words is usually one page. Font size must be 12-point with one-inch margins – I will strictly enforce this rule. All images, charts, and graphs must be in an appendix – not blended with the printed text. Again, all papers are to be written solely by you. There is no cover page; the first page must include your name in the upper left corner, nothing more. Your appendix and reference list are NOT included in the word count. Again, this is a research paper. You may also include digital references, periodicals, articles, etc. All specifics must have citations in the APA style. Credible research must include substantiation, which is critical.

The first research paper will focus on economic, legal systems, and the political landscape within your selected country. You will explore and research how the economic, political, and legal landscape within the country has shaped apparel merchandising policies and processes. Has the legal system or government encouraged or restricted the fashion industry within your selected country, are there any global or well-known fashion or merchandising companies originating in your selected country? You should briefly highlight how these approaches are different to merchandising done in the United States.

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