Research (or ideally, READ) the book “Shame of a Nation” written by Jonathon Kozol, in 2005. Look for a youtube video of a lecture or interview with Jonathon Kozol. Also, research some of Kozol’s other writings.
Address the following in your essay:
1. In 2-3 paragraphs, summarize the main points in “Shame of a Nation.”

2. Summarize a youtube video you watched of Jonathon Kozol.

3. What other books did Kozol write about public education? In 2-3 sentences, briefly summarize the main points in these other books.

4. Use concepts from Chapter 4 “Family Matters” in our textbook to discuss Kozol’s book and public education in general. You should discuss mobility, social class, class competition, cultural capital, self-fulfilling prophecy, and privilege.

5. Based on your research of Jonathon Kozol, what comes to mind regarding public schooling for the nation’s poor? What does it say about our society? How would you improve public education?

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