Research paper

Essay 4—Research Essay
Using the research you’ve done for the annotated bibliography, write a 4-6 page argument essay, employing persuasive techniques and evidence to support your position.  Imagine an audience opposed to your view, undecided about it, or uninformed about your topic.

To write this research paper, you must take both truth-seeking and persuasion into account.  Your research must involve reading articles found through use of the library or internet, and may involve doing field research through interviews and observations, to find stances that may differ from you own.  Your purpose is to persuade readers to adopt your view, regard it more favorably, and perhaps to take some action.

This part of the assignment should be at minimum 1200 words (about four pages), and use 3-8 sources to explain the issue, support your position, as well as to summarize and refute opposing views.  Once again, please format your essay in MLA style, using Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font.  Include a Works Cited page with all of the sources used in the essay listed alphabetically and cited in MLA format.  (Important: do not attach your annotated bibliography as your works cited page.)


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