Research paper

The purpose of creating a matrix of a research article is to help you organize your thoughts and to get you started into the process of critique. Just because an article is published does not mean it is appropriate for your consideration for your particular project. You need to be able to evaluate the published work based on the quality of the research design and on the merit for your question. The matrix is much like a comprehensive note card that should contain the basic information of the research. You are creating a short cut version of the key elements of the article for your future use in synthesizing the literature.

Locate a minimum of five additional primary research articles in response to your PICO(T) question. These are five additional articles, different from the five articles you selected in Week Three. Build a 1.5-2 page matrix for each article using the same Matrix Template (Word) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. used last week. Keep a record of your search history for use later.

Note: Refer to the details of the Literature Review Project on the Literature Review Overview page under Week One Assignments.

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