Response #3:  Reflections on the PBS Documentary; 3-5 Pages; 15 points

Refer to the PBS documentary and other class sessions as desired in formulating your responses.  Complete all of the following. Some of your responses can be shorter or longer than others, just so the total is in the range of length indicated above.

Park Wildlife

1.    Describe the history of wildlife protection in the national parks with particular emphasis on the contributions of George Melendez Wright.  Analyze the importance of wildlife in the parks.  (This should be a summary in your own words and not just a restatement of the material in your study guide.)

Wilderness, War, and Depression

2.  What are lessons that you have learned from the history of our conservation movement that you feel are relevant now?  Can you think of current application of the CCC idea, today, to assist with the economy and in support of conservation?  What sort of program might be established and how could it best be managed?  From the Student Conservation Association (SCA) web site:  Explore this site and find an internship opportunity that seems interesting to you and explain why.  Again, add to your discussion the SCA internship you found and why it is intriguing to you.


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