Research paper


o    The historical paper topic can cover any historical persons, things or events covered in assigned textbook, The American Journey, by Goldfield, et al.
o    Your paper must reflect a subjective 1st person perspective since it is a POSITION PAPER.
o    Your research /position paper must develop the basic theme (central point /argument) that was started in the introduction.
o    It must provide evidence for an interpretation of a specific development of the theme.
o    Your research /position paper needs to reflect a transition between two theme developments.
o    The research position /paper must consist of 5 pages total excluding cover page, but including Works Cited page.
o    It must include no fewer than 5 primary sources and you may use as many secondary sources as you’d like.  
o    The research /position paper must follow the guidelines of the Modern Language Association (MLA).  
o    Your paper needs to be WORD processed or typewritten, stapled and double-spaced with a 12 font (Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial only) size, one inch top, bottom, and side margins.
o    The paper must also include subheadings. (see attached rubric).


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