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 View The Classroom Mosaic- Culture and Learning. Then research the community associations that operate in your community or choose one of the following sites to complete your research: National Urban LeagueNational Association of Latino Arts and CultureCenter for Multilingual Multicultural Research/Asian-Pacific Island ResourcesCenter for Multilingual Multicultural Research/Native American ResourcesUtilizing the asset-based approach discussed in your reading and figure 7.4, explain the services provided to children and families? Chose one (1) cultural event that interests you or that occurs in your community (e.g. Cinco de Mayo or Kwanzaa Celebration) in a 3-5 page essay, describe the event, explain the norms, values and assets that this particular event shares (community) as well as the possible impact this group has on the students of their community. You must include at least two (2) references to support the description of the cultural event. 

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