Research report

THE ESSAY TOPIC IS: Are democracy and the ‘free market’ allies or rivals? How does Phillips define ‘political economy’ and how can it help us understand our ‘everyday life’? How does he integrate an analysis of ‘power’ into an economic analysis of the role of markets? What neoliberal arguments are made to justify privatization, de-regulation and trade liberalization? How does Phillips’ critique of the market system represent a response to these?

THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE: DO NOT simply answer the questions in the order that
they appear in the topic. The order of presentation is something you need to think deeply about: you need to think about what it is that you want to say and the order that it would be best to say it in to show how well you understand the concepts, issues and arguments under consideration. Papers should be double spaced, with 12 point font (Times New Roman,Arial or Cambria are common ones) and one inch margins. Use paragraph format and provide a bibliography. Each page of the essay should be numbered.

FINALLY, You will need to find and use two secondary ACADEMIC
sources for this essay (no Wikipedia,, etc.). Your essay must start with a comprehensive introduction which includes: i. The position the author takes on the key question; ii. Your thesis; and iii. An explanation of how your essay will be organized. Your essay must have a clear paragraph structure, each starting with a clear topic sentence.


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