Research report

OutsideresearchforPARTIIisREQUIRED.Youmusthaveaminimumof3-5 Academic Research sources beyond your textbook. You can use your textbook as a research tool but it must be cited in your paper. Research does not mean surfing the web, it means using the library databases for published academic articles, etc. Do
not use Wikipedia or random sources on the Internet.

a. SourcesfoundintheCSUNlibrarydatabasesA-Zsuchasunder“O”for Oxford, “A” for Art Index, or articles in JSTOR under “J”
b. Yourtextbookandotherbookmaterialsorpublishedarticlesinacademic journals (paper or electronic) found in the library
c. We will go over “how to” research during class

8. You MUST cite any research in Chicago style format. This means you will need a
footnote within your text and a bibliography at the end. We will go over this in class too. Bibliographic entries are listed in alphabetical order, with the author’s last name first. I will post a paper will proper footnotes and a bibliography on Moodle for your reference. To see how to create footnotes and a bibliography go to the Chicago Style of documentation:

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