Research report

Drug testing in schools has resulted in powerful, accurate and positive outcomes in attempting to reduce the amount of young drug users in school. A recently published news cast by CNN showed that out of the sampled parents and children, 82% of parents and 66% of children support. Also, out of the 1,000 parents surveyed 96% of them would want to know if their child had experienced any kind of drugs so there is a need of action. The purpose of drug test in middle school is to prevent them from doing it. It is especially important to protect the teenagers at an early age before affects their entire lives. Drug testing is a very simple mechanism to detect is someone is using drugs, it can be done by urine test, hair, or simply a breath. These little samples detect the most common drugs like methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin. Schools in the United States have thrived into teaching about the negative effects of using drugs like drug education but some of this have been successful. Although young people have the information on drugs, they continue to ruin their health.

In summary, adolescence is characterized by dramatic increases in rates of substance use concurrent with ongoing neuromaturation.

Health issues

Unwanted pregnancy

Family breaks up

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