Research Tax Memo

Research Tax Memo
The assignment is a Research Tax Memo. Please note that the Memo does NOT have to be 550 words it could be long or short depending on the issue, so don’t stick to the number of words. I will provide you with the resource (Code Section). You can quote from the resource as much as needed. Quotation is better than paraphrasing in this assignment. Please be very clear for the reader.

Tax Research Memo must contain the following sections:
Facts: Discuss facts relevant to the question presented.

Issue: State the specific issues that the memo addresses. Example: can Mike deduct his workers’ meals?

Conclusion: There should be one conclusion per issue. Each conclusion should answer the question as briefly as possible, and preferably indicate why the answer is what it is.

Rules: List the rules related to the issue from the resource.

Analysis: The goal of the analysis is for the researcher to provide the reader a clear understanding of the area of law and specific authorities that apply. Typically, an analysis will be organized to discuss the general area(s) of law first (the code section) and then the specific authorities (court cases, revenue rulings) that apply to the research question.

Citation: Here is the link of the website where I got the resource
The assignment question:
Shaun is a huge college football fan. In the past, he has always bought football tickets on the street from ticket scalpers. This year, he decided to join the university’s ticket program, which requires a $2,000 contribution to the university for the “right” to purchase tickets. Shaun will then pay $400 per season ticket. Shaun understands that the price paid for the season tickets is not tax deductible as a charitable contribution. However, contributions to a university are typically tax deductible.

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