Retail information systems

Choose a food or beverage retailer in the surrounding area. Define and analyze their trade area. Specifically, what are the primary, secondary, and tertiary trade areas? What are their boundaries? Why? Feel free to include maps or figures as an appendix to this assignment. Do you believe that the population living in the trade area provides the most potential for this store? Assess the site. Is it a good location in general? Is it good for ―your store? Use Chapter 8 as a guide to prepare this assignment.
Definition: A trade area is a contiguous geographic area that accounts for the majority of a store’s sales and customers. Trade areas can be divided into three zones, as shown in Exhibit 8–5. The exhibit shows the trade area zones for a shopping center lo- cated at the red square: the 5-minute drive-time zone (light brown), the 10-minute zone (blue), and the 15-minute zone (green).
The trade area zones shown in Exhibit 8–5 are not concentric circles based on distance from the store but, rather, are irregular polygons based on the location of roads, highways, and natural barriers, like rivers and valleys, that affect the driving time to the store. The location of competitive stores can also affect the actual trade area configuration.
The primary trading area is the geographic area from which the shopping center or store site derives 50 to 70 percent of its customers. The secondary trading area is the geographic area of secondary importance in terms of customer sales, generating about 20 to 30 percent of the site’s customers. The tertiary trading area or fringe (the outermost area) includes the remaining customers who shop at the site but come from widely dispersed areas. These customers might travel an unusually long distance because they do not have comparable retail facilities closer to home, or they may drive near the store or center on their way to or from work.
I live in East Lansing, Michigan. U can choose all the food or beverage retailer than surround in East Lansing, Lansing and Okemos.
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