reverse discrimination”

reverse discrimination”

Project instructions:
Please answer the following questions as they pertain to Employment Law for Business.

What is “reverse discrimination” and how should an employer respond to an employee’s claim of reverse discrimination? How did the court determine that a public

[sector] employer could appropriately take gender into account under its voluntary affirmative action plan as one factor of a promotion decision? Describe some lawful

steps that an employer can take to bring qualified women and minorities into a workplace from which it has been determined that they have previously been excluded.

Joe’s Bakery advertised in the local newspaper for an assistant baker. Muhammad, a recent honors graduate of the Culinary School of America, applied for the position

and was told that the position had been filled, although the position remained open. Muhammad is of Middle-Eastern descent and practices the Muslim faith. The

following day and for nine consecutive days, Muhammad saw the ad in the paper again. Joe’s Bakery employs 7 people, including Joe. What are the facts that satisfy the

requirements for a prima facie case? If so, can Muhammad pursue a claim for discrimination against Joe’s Bakery?

What was one of the four main weapons that employers could use against workers before the advent of modern labor law in the mid-20th Century? Explain your answer.

(This question is talking about weapons like injunctions, yellow dog contract, etc.


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