Please refer to the attachments provided to write a rhetorical analysis essay on the Declaration of Independence. I attached a powerpoint to show how the essay should be structured which is broken up into 5 parts. (Intro, Narration, Confirmation, Refutation, and Conclusion). Please look at the powerpoint so you know how to structure the essay. I also attached a rhetorical precis that I wrote on this subject to give some guidance. Please add specific examples that develop the claim.

REMEMBER. There are 5 sections you need to follow which are displayed in the powerpoint.

Intro–displays urgency on how this issue is important and states my opinion

Narration–background info and how the issue is a problem

Confirmation–the longest part!!! shows detailed context and support for my claim that they should be allowed to kneel. SPECIFIC EXAMPLES!

Refutation –acknowledges and refutes opposing claims (refutes how people think they shouldn’t be able to kneel)

Conclusion — answers “so what?”, call to action, solution!!

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions!


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