Rhetorical Analysis Prompt

Rhetorical Analysis PromptYou will need to write an essay in APA format that analyzes one of the articles provided. The
purpose of this assrgnment is for you to gain some experience with the elements of rhetoric and
demonstrate an understanding of how persuasive works are created. The goal of this project is for
you to learn how to read beneath the text to see how writers convince audiences of their cause.
You will need to ask yourself: how and why has the writer convinced me? Which parts of the
author’s article do you find compelling and which do you find weak?
The essay will need to meet the following requirements to pass:
0 A minimum of 3-4 pages
0 Analyzes at least 3 rhetorical elements and explains how and why they are effective or
ineffective (Examples include: appeals of persuasion, angle of vision, tone, word choice,
sentence structure, use of persons, types of evidence, etc…)
0 Analyzes at least two of the author’s ideas and explains how and why you agree or
disagree (You must provide adequate support or rational justification for your responses.)
0 Reflect on your personal experience with subject matter and explain how the article
reinforces or challenges your personal values or beliefs regarding the topic
An “A” Essay will
0 Be in APA format with a title page, running head, sections headings, in-text citations, and
3 works cited page
0 Meet and exceed all assignment requirements
0 Incorporate quoted examples from the text for each aspect analyzed
0 Uses In-text Citatios for all quoted material
0 Explain why these examples/aspects are effective/ineffective
0 Contains a thesis in the introduction that addresses all the points you be discussing
Reads as a polished piece of work

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