I have attached a friend research project paper which is complete research paper, i want everything to be exactly the same, table contents, format, etc, the paper attached is going to be your guideline from beginning to end. The proposal is also attached, with slight revise of the topic, which going to be The role of Charity in reducing child poverty. There is also a bit of revise with one of the questions in the research questions section. This research paper will end up with 65 pages, as for now will work on two chapter, then after submission and correction, will continue to work with the rest of research. Everything on the table of Contents of the complete research project paper attached must be followed by all means as this is a serious research project to complete my degree. No copy info at all, everything must be professionally written as it will be tested on Writecheck website before correcting, will be checked part by part to proceed safely. The research project paper i have attached will show how accurate must the paper be.

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