Roman Law

This class is a third year class with no prior knowledge but I really hope you have a good grasp of law and/or Roman law. This is a Classics class focused around the Roman Law of Delict which mostly focuses on the Lex Aquilia. The class lectures have us discussing the cases from this book:

Frier, Bruce W., ed. A Casebook on the Roman Law of Delict. Atlanta: Scholars Press. 1989

The essay must include examples of cases from this specific book to explain your reasoning. This is the only book for the class. The cases are often only one or two short paragraphs, so you could fly right through them. We have looked at Cases 1-28, 30, 35-40, 43, 58-61 and 63-68. I would look over all of these ones, but obviously for the essay you don’t have to use them all. I do urge you to use Case 1, 2,3 and 8 in some capacity. 65+66 are good combo focusing on two different opinions of the same event. If you want to use another one unlisted, that works too

The demand is: “The essay should be more than a recitation of”facts” culled from the readings. The essay should have an idea or a set of ideas that you are attempting to develop. Since this is an exercise in writing, the instructor will take into consideration the effectiveness of the writing, sentence and paragraph structure, choice of words, clarity of expression, and evidence organization.

Topic: The Nature of the Jurists’ Reasoning under the Lex Aquilia.

the essay needs you to include some of the proper terms from the case study book, only the italicized words outside of the brackets if need be. The latin that the case studies are translated from are different partially surviving works of famous Jurists that you reference, like Gaius, Ulpian or Justinian.

These aren’t requirements but these are good sources that can help you.

-Daube, David. Roman Law: Linguistic, Social and Philosophical Aspects. Edinburgh: University Press, 1969.

-Frier, Bruce W. The Rise of the Roman Jurists. Princeton University Press, 1985.

– Kelly, J.M. “The Meaning of the Lex Aquilia”, Law Quarterly Review 80 (1964)

-Lawson, F.H. Negligence in the Civil Law. Oxford: University Press, 1950.

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