Topic: Salt Lake County data breach

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A case study on the following incident: Salt Lake County Data Breach

Students will complete a case study on a national current event related to an Information and Data Management topic. The current event should be detailed and the potential impacts of the event on public policy, security, etc. should be explored. Students should relate the current event to Public Administration theories, practices, etc. citing empirical/academic literature outside the scope of the event itself.

Students should demonstrate an ability to conduct an in-depth analysis of an event on public policy, managerial procedures, information management, etc. and exhibit an ability to recommend appropriate action and/or changes to address consequences or revolutions stemming from the event. For example, the leaking by Snowden of NSA practices expands well beyond someone simply obtaining telephone records and requires public managers to re-evaluate outsourcing, security practices, legality of actions, procedures, employee training, ethical use of technology, etc.

Papers should be 8 pages in length. Sources should be properly cited within the paper and listed in an attached bibliography/resources section of the paper. Required sections of the paper should be easily discernible: i.e., overview of current event, the actual or potential impact on public administrative policies and procedures; and the relative public administration theory (or theories) should be identified.

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