Each member of the team will provide a separate written statement in relation to their design area as well as a justification of why their designs have been placed in that specific location/time period.  Remember that just because the costumes are from a different time period doesn’t mean that the scenery and lighting can’t be more stylized.  The statement is to establish the mood of your design and explains the ideas behind your design.  What is your take on the Themes of the play? What do you want to convey to the audience?

The statement must be typed and 2-3 pages.  The statement is not a narrative of the placement of objects or your personal process: “there is a big circle on the left side…”, “this is the only fabric I could find…” or “I really couldn’t find a good picture because my internet was down…and so on.  This statement is about poetry.  “Together the images of the circle and the sky in the Illinois Shakespeare Festival production of the Tempest helped to emphasize the confinement of the people on the island as well as their desire to be free”

While you are only required to design certain scenes  you will need to think of the play as a whole and how the entire play fits into the world you are creating.  Your paper will need a justification for your setting.  Why does it work with the play?


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