In this pack of SCI 162 Week 4 Discussion Questions you will find the next information:

1. According to p. 62 (Ch. 3), how does the textbook define stress? What are some common stressors? What are some strategies for coping with stress? 2. According to the ABC News Special Stress Management, what is the name of the stress hormone released by the body? Why is it important to recognize the types of health issues that result from toxic stress?3. According to Figure 3.2 on p. 63 (Ch. 3), what are the physical changes associated with frequent or severe stress? How might stress affect the cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems? 4. Explain how stressful events might affect physiological health. What are the factors that contribute to post-traumatic stress disorder? 5. Identify a particular stressor in your life related to time management. What techniques could you use to help reduce or cope with this stress?

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