Write a complete and self-contained 8-10 page screenplay (not including the title page) based on an original idea. The script should therefore be suit- able in terms of form and content to be produced on this module. (50%) You must also include in this submission:
a 60-word synopsis of your script
Write a double-spaced 1500-2000 word analysis of your script. Include an annotated bibliography (additional to the word count) indicating the books and articles you have read which informed your scriptwriting and your analysis, and the ways in which they did so. It is expected that you will have read widely on the subject of screenwriting. All citations should be properly referenced and the annotations for the bibliography should show how you have used the books listed.
Grading criteria:
The screenplay should demonstrate: 1. an understanding and use of correct screenplay format and style; 2. an understanding of visual storytelling, and ability to depict character and
setting; 3. an understanding of narrative structure and an ability to match this to story
content in order to tell a clear, coherent story; 4. an understanding of the function of dialogue (this may mean an
understanding of when NOT to use dialogue); 5. an ability to create clearly defined dramatic characters.
The analysis should demonstrate: 1. an awareness of the process and techniques used in writing the screenplay; 2. an understanding of and ability to account for the creative decisions you have
made; 3. an ability to critically evaluate your own work.


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