Choose 1 of the following 2 options to write about.  Your assignment should be thoughtful and at least 2 paragraphs. This assignment is optional extra credit and is worth 5 points.

•    After reading Chapter 7 and watching the Self-Disclosure/Feedback video, answer the following questions about topics that were taboo in your family.
•    What was talked about?  What wasn’t?
•    Why is that?
•    What topics do you see as generally taboo to talk about in the United States?  Why?

•    After reading Chapter 8, interview at least three close friends and family members to find out their opinion of your own conflict style.
•    What do they think are your conflict “triggers?”
•    How do their opinions compare with your own understanding of what you think sets you off?
•    Look at the And You?on p. 224 of the text, which asks what kinds of conflict provoke you.  Are there times when you provoke conflicts on purpose?  Why?


o    O’Hair, D. &Wiemann, M. (2012). Real communication (2nd ed.). Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s.  (ISBN: 978-0-312-64420-8)


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