For the final summative assignment in our course, you will write a paper that draws upon your learning across the course and applies it to an educational context (maximum 2000 words not including references).

To complete the final paper you will need to:

Choose a course theme/topic/question at the intersection of “development” and “education” that is of personal interest to you (e.g., literacy development).
2.  Choose two developmental time periods (e.g., early childhood and adolescence), and:
Discuss your theme/topic within the context of the two time periods by comparing and contrasting development at those time periods.
Discuss physical, cognitive, social, personality development (choose two domains) at each time period in relation to your theme/topic.
Use concrete observations from your virtual child and /or personal experience.
Discuss implications of your topic for formal and/or informal education at the two developmental time periods. Here is a non-exhaustive list of issues to consider in this section:
Given what you now know about developmental theory and research, how would effective education (e.g., instruction, curriculum, assessment) look different at these two time points in relation to your theme/topic?
Is there a “best” time to educate for your theme/topic? Explain.
What role does the teacher or educational practitioner play in a promoting development in the area of your theme/topic at each time point?
What is an example of an original curriculum piece or activity that may promote development in the area of your theme/topic at each time point?

Be sure to:
Include at least two recent peer reviewed sources (e.g., journal articles).
Use proper APA citations for in-text references and include a reference list (6th edition of the APA Publication Manual).
Use correct spelling and proper grammar conventions.

( the information should be from book called lifespan development ) I hope you can find it online, However I’m from Saudi Arabia who living in Canada mom of two boy and girl I did my virtual child assigment and according to the rpofessor request I have to write about my self as well as mu virtual child Hsd tried weed and she was drunk once which make feel absent because of our religion and culture.

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