Please, comments are on the essay
-To get it right you must compliment the comments with the feedback
-only accept this work if you are able to resolve the feedback and comments on the essay
-This is a masters level work and you should have a sound command of English grammar
-The comments on essay and feedback must be addressed as a minimum and above, anything less will not be accepted
-Please do not place a bid on this work if you are not familiar with a Nursing Essay or have not written at masters level
-It is essential to be able to analyse and synthesise in writing.
-Please look at the attached file before bidding
-Bellow is an overview of the components parts of the essay, more details attached.
i. The key principles of self-management support in the context of local and national health policy and initiatives.
ii. The pathophysiology of your chosen LTC and the associated physical, psychological and social needs of clients.
iii. The evidence and underlying principles for an approach to providing self-management support for your
chosen LTC and the associated benefits and potential challenges
iv. Evidence-based recommendations about how patients/clients with your chosen LTC could be supported to
self-manage their condition.

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