This paper takes as its starting point Robert Greenleaf’s claim that “all leadership is religious leadership.” Students will draw on course materials from weeks 1 – 4 to analyze the multiple dimensions of this claim. Papers should make use of key concepts from the readings, etc. to show how this claim might be interpreted.

It is a short paper (1500 -1800 words), so you will not be able to cover all relevant terms from the readings. Possible terms to use in your analysis: critical servant leader, tempered radical, seeker, leadership beatitudes, and in-spirited leader. You are not limited to these terms, but they represent key concepts thus far in the course. Choose carefully with an eye toward which concepts help you focus your analysis.

Be sure to cite appropriately any direct quotes and paraphrases from the work/ideas of others. There is no right answer, so papers will be graded on clarity, coherence, clean writing, and compelling nature of the analysis. See attached rubric.

Note: This is an analysis paper, not an evaluation paper. You do not need to agree with the claim in order to analyze it. Students should not argue for or against, rather the paper should demonstrate a close reading of the various texts in order to help the reader understand the phrase on a deeper level and in relationship to servant leadership.

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