Set a strategic plan for the company


Set a strategic plan for the company

2. Set a global strategic plan?
3. Set a vision and a mission statement for the company?
4. SWOT analysis and financial ration analysis for the company?
5. In your opinion what is the best combination of the board of director for the company?
6. How the culture will affect the SPP?
7. Apply the McKinney’s SEVEN-S FRAMEWORK to the company?
8. According to the industry life cycle this company in which stage and why?
9. Apply the PORTER’S FIVE FORCES MODEL to the company?
10. Apply slide 18,19,20, 21 and 22 to the company
11. Set a corporate strategy to the company as a reference use slide 24, 25 and 26?
12. Set 4 objectives for the company like slide 27 in the implementation?


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