Should College athletes be paid?

Paper details:Argument Research Paper Requirements for Final Paper
Entire Paper
One APA formatted paper two (typed) pages long, plus 1 title page, plus 1 reference page
12 Times New Roman font
Double-space the entire paper
1 title page, APA format
1 References page, APA format
3 References total, 2 must be from JSTOR or other academic journal
Your paper must have in-text citations
Your topic is (pick one):
1. Should college athletes be paid?
2. Should (writer from your first paper) be studied in college?
3. Pre-approved from professor (email me for approval)
Your paper must follow the basic outline of any college essay paper: intro, body, conclusion
Your introduction must include an argumentative thesis. Establish credibility, make your argument, and find resources that back up your claim.
Final Draft is due Monday, April 18 at midnight on a turnitin dropbox on Moodle.
Title Page
Title in approximate center of page
Name under title
Course name and number
Professor’s name
Date: day/month/year

Body of Work
Introductory Paragraph
Argumentative thesis (argumentative subject + one good reason = thesis) in introduction
Establish your credibility
Each paragraph indented
In-text citations present for quotations, paraphrases, summaries, and little-known facts
Add p. for quotations (in-text quotations)
Comma between author’s name and date in parenthesis (in-text quotations)
Check for grammatical errors and commonly confused words
Conclusion paragraph
References on a separate page

3 references total, 2 from JSTOR or academic database
Arranged in alphabetical order according to author’s last name
In proper APA format (author’s last name, initials, etc.)
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