Topic: Diseases of the Blood and Blood-forming Organs, or Disorders Involving the Immune Mechanism _

Instructor must approve the topic, please submit a Memo.

Your report will consist of 8 paragraphs only

1st Paragraph will be your introduction / thesis

You must have 6 references; do not use personal opinions except for the conclusion.

Each paragraph should consist of minimum 5 sentences and directly related to the topic.

Each paragraph last sentence has to be an introduction into the next paragraph

The 8th and final paragraph is your Conclusion/Summary (This is your own opinion.)

Title Page: Centered

Title, name and date

Header: Title of your report, (consisting of no more than 3 words), name and page number (on one line)

Format: Report must be double spaced

Each paragraph must be indented (5 spaces)

Use 12 Font – Times New Roman

1” margins

Minimum of 500 words

Click on the word count at the bottom of your screen and print the report. (It will give you words, paragraphs, characters, lines, etc) This will be the last page of your report.

Each reference will be cited in the report

Use the spell check/grammar

References page

Hanging indent

Double Space

“Reference” center on page

Alphabetical Order

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