The book to focus on is “underground railroad” By Whitehead.
-Papers must include course texts, even those that are more about a “topic” than about “literature” specifically. You must do research to supplement your own point of view, but also consider making use of the fiction/non-fiction we have read to illustrate a point or an idea.
-Remember that you must include a course text in the paper, as well as independent research.
-How do issues of diversity, multiculturalism, or global migration impact your field specifically? Sometimes students entering this course claim that studies of race and culture have nothing to do with their professional, working lives. But often, these students quickly learn they had too narrow a view of what that means.
-How do services and industries that provide products for and/or care for people account for differences of social identities like race and gender? How well, for example, do public health systems and practitioners accommodate “difference” in populations? How well do designers of technology? Some make the argument that particular biases are built right in to the design of technology, or to the procedures and protocol we make as doctors, health workers or other forms of service professionals. Do you agree, or disagree, based on your research?

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