Social Policy and Community-Based Organizations in Toronto

CITB03:  Social  Planning  and  Community  Development   Winter  Term  2016   Prof.  S.  Bunce     Assignment  #2:    Social  Policy  and  Community-­-Based  Organizations  in  Toronto     30%  of  total  grade,  8-­-10  pages,  double-­-spaced.       Due  date:  Thursday,  March  31st  in  class  or  by  4:30  pm  in  the  course  drop  box.       Instructions:     You  have  two  options  for  this  assignment.  You  may  choose  one  social  policy   document  from  the  provided  list  of  City  of  Toronto  social  policies  below  and   critically  examine  and  discuss  the  context  and  directives  of  the  formulated  and/or   implemented  social  policy     OR     You  may  choose  one  community-­-based  organization  from  the  provided  list  of   Toronto-­-based  community-­-based  organizations  (CBOs)  to  critically  examine  and   discuss  the  organization’s  mandate,  organizational  structure,  and  programs.       You  are  to  write  a  8-­-10  page,  double-­-spaced,  report  on  your  chosen  social  policy   document  OR  community-­-based  organization.       Please  include  a  title  page  with  your  name,  student  ID,  and  report  title  clearly   indicated.  You  must  also  include  a  bibliography  page  with  a  list  of  6  or  more   references  to  lecture  material,  course  readings,  additional  library  readings,  as  well   as  newspaper  articles,  website  information,  and  other  types  of  non-­-academic   literature.         Option  A:  Social  Policy  Documents  in  Toronto     Please  select  one  of  the  following  five  social  policy  documents  produced  by  the  City   of  Toronto  government.  You  may  preview  the  policy  documents  on  Blackboard   before  choosing.       Documents:  (choose  one)   • City  of  Toronto  Newcomer  Strategy  (2013)   • City  of  Toronto  Strong  Neighbourhoods  Strategy  2020  (2014)   • City  of  Toronto  Seniors  Strategy:  Towards  an  Age  Friendly  City  (2013)   • City  of  Toronto  Tower  Renewal  Strategy  (Implementation  Book)  (2011)   • City  of  Toronto  Housing  Opportunities  Toronto:  An  Affordable  Housing   Action  Plan  2010-­-2020    (2009)
You  are  to  read  and  take  notes  on  the  policy  document  and  focus  on  what  the  policy   is  attempting  to  direct,  envision,  and  implement.  Questions  to  address  are:     • What  is  the  purpose  and  rationale  of  the  policy  document?     • What  problem(s)  is  it  trying  to  solve  and  why?     • What  research/evidence  does  the  document  present  to  demonstrate   the  problem?  What  analyses  of  this  research  are  presented?  • How  is  the  document  proposing  to  address  and  implement  solutions   to  the  problem  in  urban  communities?      • Does  the  document  mention  the  role  of  community-­-based   organizations  and/or  residents?    If  so,  how  and  why?     You  can  refer  to  the  document  as  a  reference  in  your  assignment  and  also  refer  to   lecture  material,  course  readings,  as  well  as  additional  readings  that  you  may  find  in   a  library  search  that  focus  on  social  planning  and  community  development,  and  that   will  also  help  you  to  further  understand  the  particular  topic  of  your  document.  For   example,  if  you  choose  the  City  of  Toronto  Newcomer  Strategy  you  might  want  to   find  articles  and  books  on  newcomers  and  immigration  in  cities  more  broadly   and/or  in  Toronto  to  help  you  more  strongly  understand  and  interpret  the  policy   document.    Interviews  with  City  of  Toronto  staff  or  other  human  participants  are   not  allowed  and  information  gleaned  from  personal  conversations  is  not  allowed  in   the  paper.       Option  B:  Community-­-Based  Organizations  in  Toronto     Please  select  one  of  the  following  five  community-­-based  organizations  in  Toronto.   You  are  to  find  information  about  the  mission,  mandate,  and  services,  programs,   and/or  activities  of  the  community-­-based  organization  through  information  gleaned   from  the  organization’s  website  as  well  as  information  found  in  reports  and  media   searches  (ie.  newspaper  articles,  videos).  Interviews  with  staff  or  using  quotes  from   personal  conversations  with  organization  staff  or  other  people  are  not  allowed.         Community-­-Based  Organizations  (choose  one):   • Regent  Park  Community  Health  Centre  (Regent  Park,  downtownToronto)   • East  Scarborough  Storefront  (Kingston-­-Galloway/Orton  Park,  Scarborough)   • Malvern  Family  Resource  Centre  (Malvern,  Scarborough)   • Harbord  Village  Residents’  Association  (Harbord  and  Spadina  area,   downtown  Toronto)  • Jane/Finch  Community  and  Family  Centre  (Jane  and  Finch  area,  North  York)     Questions  to  address  in  your  paper  are:   • What  is  purpose  and  rationale  for  the  community-­-based  organization?   • Do  they  have  a  formal  mission  and/or  mandate?   • How  is  the  organization  governed  and  structured?  (ie.  do  they  have  a  board   of  directors?  Large  or  small  staff?)
• What  is  the  history  of  your  organization?  (when,  why,  and  how  did  it  start   and  how  has  it  grown?)  • How  does  the  organization  obtain  its  funding?  Who  are  the  funders?  • What  are  the  services,  programs,  and/or  activities  that  the  organization   engages  in  and/or  provides?    How  do  they  engage  and  how  are  they   provided?  • What  is  the  role  of  ‘community’  and  community  actors  (residents,  for   example)  in  this  organization?     You  are  to  relate  the  information  that  you  glean  about  the  community-­-based   organization  to  material  drawn  from  lectures,  course  readings,  and  additional   academic  material  (found  in  library  search)  on  community-­-based  organizations  and   community  development.           • Please  consult  with  the  instructor  if  you  have  any  questions  or  need  further   clarification  about  the  assignment  specifications  and/or  writing  the   assignment.    • All  university  policies  regarding  academic  integrity  apply  to  this  assignment.

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