the book is called “Eating Wildly: Foraging for Life, Love and the Perfect Meal” the author is Ava Chin
1. Do not write one continuous essay but rather write separate responses to individual questions following the exact order in this instruction sheet.
2. It is important that you do the following:
a. Spell check and copyedit your paper. Points will be deducted for egregious/serious spelling and grammar mistakes.
b. Make sure you use quotation marks for sentences that are not your own otherwise that can be considered plagiarism and you will face dire consequences.
c. Follow the order of the questions stated below. You do not need to copy the questions.
3. Approximately Four to Six pages. Double-spaced, one inch margins
4. No need for a bibliography if you only quote from the book.
5. Paper is due on April 14, 2016 in class. Papers submitted after the class period will be considered late. Late papers will incur penalties at the rate of 2 points per day.

I. Everyone should answer Questions A-D and an additional question

A. Give a brief summary of the book. What is/are the main goal(s) of the author for writing the book? How are the book chapters organized? OR How did the author present her ideas? Why do you think the author decided on this kind of chapter organization/order?
B. What does the title “Eating Wildly” mean? How does foraging connect with the author’s life and her struggles specifically around her childhood, being Asian American and dating problems? Give TWO specific examples using direct quotes and page numbers from the book.
C. What is the role of memory, specifically food memories in “Eating Wildly”? Give at least TWO examples using direct quotes and page numbers from the book.
D. Narrate your own personal experiences around food especially how food relates to important or memorable events in your life? What role does food play in emotional situations or memories in your own life? Give at least THREE examples.

Additional question
Focusing on Chapters 9-12, discuss the main events in the author’s life and the specific wild ingredients or food item featured in the months of Summer. What was happening in her life and what kinds of food and ingredientss was she discovering? What are the connections between food and her life during this season?

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