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Produce a project report that clearly shows the background and rationale for the research question, a literature review, the research methodology and the analysis, results, conclusions and limitations. There are two options available to students:
1) Produce a project report on a marketing related topic of your own choice
2) Produce a project report on the topic provided below
The Report Title (for option two)
Describe and explain how marketing has evolved over time? Critically analyse the impact of social media and the internet on marketing in relation to both consumers and an industry of your choice.

For a named organisation of their choice, candidates are required to identify an actual, or potential, major strategic decision which impacts, or has impacted, on significant financial resources and organisational performance.
Only two students may use the same named organisation in any one calendar year but must evaluate different strategic decisions.

The companies in the list below were used in another module and ABE have expressly stated that they should not be selected in this module.

Apple, AstraZeneca, AXA, BP, Bradesco, Coca-Cola, Gazprom, Generali Group,
Goldman Sachs, Google, HSBC, IBM, ITT Industries, Microsoft, Pearson, PepsiCo,
Petrobras, Reliance Industries Limited, Rio Tinto,Rosneft, Schroeder Group, Sinopec,
Sony, Tata, Xerox.
The decision chosen must be relevant to one of the following strategic options:

• Investment in new technology
• New market opportunity
• An acquisition (product/market related or unrelated)
• New product development
• Divestment/consolidation

Candidates are required to appraise and use financial data and appropriate financial techniques and tools including investment evaluation (as set out in Indicative Content 6.3) to evaluate the decision (all Learning Outcomes, particularly LO6)
6.3 Evaluate strategic investment opportunities and financially appraise strategic proposals (see the course details given in week 1)

Learning Outcome 6 Know how to use financial data, techniques and tools to evaluate long term capital decisions

and additionally apply FIVE of the following financial resource or performance issues to the evaluation of the decision:
• Either: Evaluate the impact of the decision on the organisation’s financial statements and the relevance of this impact on the decision (1.1).

Or: Consider the limitations of the impact on the financial statements and the potential for manipulation in order to achieve a desired outcome (1.2).

• Either: Evaluate the different methodologies and approaches to identifying appropriate cost information to support the decision and control expenditure (2.1, 2.2).

Or: Critically analyse the role and limitations of budgets in managing and controlling expenditure. Approaches to driving value through better budgeting (2.3).

• Appraise the role of activity based approaches and strategic management accounting in analysing the decision (3.1, 3.2, 3.3).
• Either Critically assess the management and allocation of resources and gaps between needs and availability resulting from the decision (4.1; 4.2).

Or: Assess the potential for and use of best-in-class benchmarking to support the decision process (4.3).

• Either: Consider the tensions between financial objectives, stakeholder expectations and agency issues (5.1).

Or: Appraise the role of treasury management in supporting the decision (5.3).
Or: Identify and evaluate the impact of alternative financing available and appropriate to the decision (5.2).

• Identify and evaluate international aspects of the decision including risk, additional complexities and financing (7.1, 7.2, 7.3).
• Evaluate the sources and consequences of risk associated with the decision and how these risks may be managed (8.1, 8.2, 8.3).

Each issue above refers to the Indicative Content in the Lecture Guide for the unit (available on the Members’ Area of the ABE website). Candidates should refer to the Lecture Guide for content and areas to cover in considering each financial resource or performance issue.
Note: You must ensure that each issue chosen is from a different unit Learning Outcome.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Sainsbury’s proposed acquisition of Argos ? – Sainsbury made a £1bn offer for Home Retail Group that was rejected.
Home Retail Group is in advanced talks to sell its Homebase DIY and home furnishings business to Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers for £340m.
January 2006 TheGuardian
Kraft taking over Cadbury 2009/10
Microsoft has been on an acquisition spree between late 2014 and the beginning of 2015, snapping up six companies in less than three months. Are its most recent investments worth their price tags?
Microsoft acquisition of Nokia to utilise Windows on the cell phone (analogy with microsoft excel v Lotus 123).
There are many examples of M&A activity that may be researched in the financial press and internet searches.

Plant and machinery investment
Nissan to invest £100m in Sunderland plant as new Juke gets the green light
At the same time, China’s Zhejiang Geely Group revealed plans for a £250m new factory for the London Taxi Company, the maker of the iconic black cab which it rescued from collapse in 2014.
03 Sep 2015 – The Telegraph
UK automotive investment 2015
24 November – Jaguar Land Rover is to invest an additional £450 million into its Engine Manufacturing Centre, doubling the plant’s size and bringing total investment in the site to £1 billion.
21 October – Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has announced an additional £50 million investment to turn its Warwickshire production site into the Group’s R&D headquarters.
20 October – Honda will recruit 500 new employees by 2016 to support production of the new 5-door Honda Civic.
25 September – Ford will invest £181 million into new low-emission engines at its Bridgend plant.
4 September – Nissan has announced £100m fresh investment for production of its new Juke.
19 June – Nissan is investing £37 million in expanding its Sunderland car production plant to cater for a new extra-large press line.
12 June – Infiniti will recruit 300 new jobs to support production of the Q30 and QX30 models at Sunderland.
31 March – Honda has announced that it will invest £200 million into its flagship manufacturing centre in Swindon to produce the next generation 5-door Civic.
26 March – London Taxi Company has announced it will create 1,000 new jobs with £250m investment into ultra low emission taxis.
26 March – Jaguar Land Rover will expand its West Midlands manufacturing with a £600m investment.
12 January – Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to create 1,300 new UK jobs as part of its investment in lightweight technologies.
NOTE – Jaguar Rover are owned by Tata so cannot be used

Review the press and complete internet searches to come up with ideas.

Kevin Peck 15/1/2016

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