solidarity norms and economic incentives

Question #1 How are manufacturer/supplier relationships governed by solidarity norms and economic incentives? Do you think Kumar, Heide,& Wathne (2011) are correct in their conclusions about this relationship? (Do some research to support your answer.) Do strong solidarity norms, in an upstream supplier relationship, affect internal incentives within a downstream manufacturer? (Note: This is one of the findings of the Kumar (2011) paper) THE SECOND HALF OF QUESTIONS MUST BE THE 275 WORDS (WITHOUT COUNTING THE QUESTIONS IN THE WORD COUNT) Did Daugherty, Richey, Genchev & Chen (2005) find any significant relationship between resource commitment to reverse logistics programs and economic or service quality-related performance? How did they come to their conclusion that resource commitment must be focused and that they should be targeted to information technology capabilities? What was a limitation of this study and why did Daugherty, (2005) consider that particular issue to be a limitation? Explain. This assignment is also geared towards you doing extra research to help reinforce your answers.

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