SONG “love for sale” by miles davis

SONG “love for sale” by miles davis
Project description
listen to the music (“love for sale” by miles davis) first, and then answer the questions.
There is an introduction, how many bars is it? The melody, or “head,” begins at 00:16 and ends at 01:24. What is the form? Hint: the length of each of the first 3 sections is 16 bars. Use letters and counter numbers to designate the sections. What happens during the last section of the melody? There is an interlude section leading up to a solo break for Davis. How long is this section? Describe how Davis phrases the melody. Is his style of play different from other trumpet players like Dizzy Gillespie or Louis Armstrong? How is the melody arranged? Is it harmonized? How many choruses do Davis, Adderley and Coltrane solo? (Note: there is a short interlude at the end of each soloist’s last chorus that leads to the next soloists. Briefly describe Evan’s comping at 04:20 and 6:40. What kind of chording is this? Is the melody played at the end? What are the general characteristics of this piece that are different from the bebop groups we have heard?




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