Speaking Guidelines:
(1)Speeches will be delivered with a minimum of note cards. No more than seven note cards should be used. Do not use cue cards, paper, or any other means to deliver the speech!
(2)Reading a speech will result in a low speech grade. Do not read your speech period!
(3) Use proper grammar and no offensive language.
(4)Don’t use technical terms or jargon.
(5)Use proper gestures, posture, and eye contact as discussed in the text.
(6) Follow speech presentation instructions posted on the homepage in the tab sections.
(7) Dress professionally—dress for success!
(8) Use proper appearance.
(9) Going over or under the time limit will result in a points deducted grade for this speech. Timing your presentation is a form of learning process! Practice your speeches two or three times. Practice makes perfect so to speak!
(10) Don’t stare at the camera while speaking. Act like the camera is another person in the room. The camera should not be a distraction.

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