Spiritual Retreat

Final Project – Personal Spiritual Retreat and Reflection Report
Guidelines and Reflection Report Instructions

Read: Read the article “How to Conduct a Spiritual Retreat” from your Article Notebook. This will help prepare you for your retreat.

Create significant space in your schedule that is wholly attentive to God: Time that cultivates an awareness of Him and demonstrates an openness to respond to His initiatives.
Length: Determine the length of your own retreat alone with God. A minimum of four consecutive hours is expected for this experience. You are encouraged to plan a 24-hour retreat if possible.
When: See the student guide for when your report is due. For some of you it might be best if you plan your retreat on the weekend just prior to week five.  However, do not take the retreat prior to week three.
Where: Choose an environment that separates you from ordinary patterns of everyday life, ensures solitude, minimizes distractions, and enables your awareness of and communion with God.
1. Materials: Bible, journal, minimal additional resources
2. Insure comfort: wear appropriate, comfortable clothing
3. Be physically rested
4. Condition your spirit: invite God’s leadership, pledge your openness
5. Let someone know your general location
1. Have some general plan in mind that allows for variety. There should be some rhythm of the elements of prayer, silence, writing, and meditation on the Word.
2. Guard against an inflexible or crowded agenda that hinders the freedom of the Spirit.
3. Reserve some time before you conclude, to reflect on the experience. You might journal what has happened on your retreat, some insights you have gained, things you need to do, your praise to God for His faithful presence and direction.
Reflection Paper Guidelines
1. Minimum of 3 pages
2. Describe your plan: setting, schedule, etc.
3. Describe the impact that the retreat had on you spiritually, emotionally, and physically
4. Conclude by sharing insights gained, things you need to do, and praise and thanksgiving to God for His faithful presence and direction.

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