Now, do an online search (use website and/or a/an university/ workplace website) and find a profile of a psychologist who works in this area. In your write-up answer the following questions:

1-Describe this area of specialization you picked. What type of topics are studied and researched?

2-Who did you find? Describe his/her education history.

3-Describe his/her work history. What kind of job does this psychologist have? (i.e.,, teacher, researcher, therapist, etc.) What type of setting does this psychologist work in?

4-What additional information do you have about this psychologist? Tell a little bit about what theoretical perspective they might have, training, subfield or area of expertise, research interests etc.

Overall make sure you have enough details to describe the area to someone who has not heard about it.

**Make sure you provide the links for the information you used**

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